Investment Banking Companies

When considering which investment banking company to hire for your own financial benefit, it is important to consider which companies are considered the top investment banking institutions. According to data compiled by the New York Times, the following companies are considered top investment banking institutions based on dollar volume of M&A activity in 2010.

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs is the top investment banking company in the world and it is located in Manhattan, New York City. The company works in global investment banking for companies, individuals and even governments. Founded in 1869 by Marcus Goldman, the company continues to grow. Some of the former employees of the company have gone on to enjoy high-ranked positions, such as Mario Monti—the Prime Minister of Italy.

J.P. Morgan Chase

With a 2010 M&A volume rank of two worldwide, J.P. Morgan Chase is near the very top of the list. Based in New York, this company offers investment banking for corporations, institutions and governments. They also offer financial advice as well as specific services like raising capital and risk management. J.P. Morgan also offers financial consulting, risk management solutions and portfolio management services in addition to other services to UK customers under the name J.P. Morgan Cazenove.

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley, also based in New York, takes the number three position when it comes to M&A volume rank. Morgan Stanley helps their clients with a number of different financial issues including mergers and acquisitions, equity underwriting and debt financings. Morgan Stanley offers services to corporations, organizations and governments all over the world, and also specializes in international real estate.

Credit Suisse

Although it is a name not as well known as Morgan Stanley or J.P. Chase, Credit Suisse holds the number four position according to the New York Times. Based in New York, Credit Suisse offers services to corporations, governments and institutional investors. They also provide financial conferences and, with a team of researchers, they publish financial findings and global information as well as legal documents. They have been given numerous awards including the 2012 “Deal of the Year” award from Risk Magazine.

Merrill Lynch/Bank of America

Merrill Lynch/Bank of America ranks number five according to the New York Times and offers up a variety of services for clients. Through the Merrill Edge program, individuals can obtain preferred pricing with online equity and ETF trades. They can also rely on integrated banking and investing as well as a consolidated view of accounts with both Bank of America and Merrill Edge. This company serves individuals, corporations and organizations, assisting them with mergers and acquisitions, financial planning and wealth management.

Deutsche Bank

The next top investment banking company is Deutsche Bank, at number six. Deutsche Bank is also located in New York and offers numerous services. This includes trading of capital markets products, corporate advisory, corporate lending and transaction banking businesses. Deutsche Bank serves businesses of all sizes as well as multinational corporations. Through the Corporate & Investment Bank Group Division, clients can take advantage of corporate banking and securities as well as global transaction banking.

Each of these companies features investment banking professionals that assist their clients with difficult financial decisions and ensure that those clients are meeting their goals for a brighter financial future. Each one is a reputable company with high-quality investment banking strategies and methods on hand to assist clients. Individuals can learn more about these companies and specifically what they offer by visiting their websites.